About Us

MF_AC (which stands for Menezes Falcão, Advogados e Consultores) is a team of independent lawyers and consultants with a deep commitment to the quality and ethics of the services it provides.


Our mission is to provide a high standard service for our clients by safeguarding their interests and solving their legal problems, as well as, promoting the professional growth of our associates and collaborators, and always seeking to contribute to the enrichment of the legal community as a whole.

MF_AC delivers value acting based on knowledge, creativity and accuracy, facing challenges with experience.

Our Values

At MF_AC, our approachability and unique appreciation of each client allows us to achieve long-lasting professional relationships and is a decisive part of our culture. Supported by its main values – knowledge, creativity and accuracy - MF_AC is committed to encouraging and maintaining a relationship of complete transparency and close communication with all its clients and members of the legal profession.

MF_AC has an uncompromising respect for the rules governing the profession, as well as, high ethical standards for the way it operates in society. Thus, all MF_AC members are deeply committed to the study of the matters and the defense of the interests entrusted to them, maintaining, however, due respect for the other party, its representatives and, in general, any agent that intervenes in the administration of Justice. Also, having a high ethical concern for its associates and collaborators and, in general, for members of the legal community, is a valued trait of MF_AC.

MF_AC is devoted to cultivating great skill and knowledge in all its areas of expertise and for that reason is highly committed to the ongoing legal education of all its team members. Furthermore, we benefit from having the prestigious and well-known Professor Doutor Pedro Romano Martinez as a consultant, an academic with a brilliant career and an extensive list of published legal articles and books on several legal matters.

MF_AC, while fully complying with the law and respecting the deontological rules governing the profession, is committed to generating the best solutions for its clients by finding, whenever useful, new and hidden patterns and connections between facts and concepts. 

MF_AC consistently strives to achieve the highest standards of competence and accuracy - never overlooking the need to combine a high-quality service with usefulness and pertinence to its clients. To achieve this goal, services are always rendered by a specialist lawyer or we can provide a team of lawyers to cover all the relevant areas at issue, thereby allowing the client, whenever necessary, to benefit from the contribution of a multidisciplinary legal approach.

MF_ACs team is made up of senior lawyers, with several decades of experience in diverse legal areas. Nonetheless, before accepting a new case, they still assess their own abilities for the purpose at hand - always bearing in mind the need to safeguard the high standard they continually strive to achieve in the provided services.

MF_AC’s ultimate goal is to provide beneficial and productive solutions to its clients’ problems, in full and strict compliance with the law and the profession’s rules. To this end, a MF_AC puts into action all its skills, knowledge and, most important of all, experience - the best teacher to achieve desired outcomes.

Our History


On September 1st 2021, J.P. Menezes Falcão transferred his quota in the Law Firm Cortes, J.P. Menezes Falcão & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL and continued his professional activity, in the same location, with the remaining colleagues, as an independent practitioner or in collaboration with the other independent legal services providers, and the team adopted the acronym MF_AC Lawyers and Consultants.

At the beginning of 2018, Alvim Cortes, Esperança, Vaz Osório, JP Menezes Falcão – Sociedade Advogados, RL changed its name to Cortes, JP Menezes Falcão & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, using the acronym MF&AC and keeping the partners João Paulo Menezes Falcão and Manuel Alvim Cortes.

J.P. Menezes Falcão began practicing as lawyer in December 1984. Since then, he has worked both within law firms and as an independent practitioner. He was a founding partner of J.P. Menezes Falcão, Gouveia Fernandes, Barros Figueiredo e Fraústo da Silva – Sociedade de Advogados (1992-1996) and Carlos Menezes Falcão, João Paulo Menezes Falcão & Filipe Fraústo da Silva – Sociedade de Advogados (1996-2001). In Juin 2013 João Paulo Menezes Falcão – Advogados and Alvim Cortes, Esperança, Vaz Osório & Associados – Sociedade Advogados R.L merged.

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